Ramadan (the Arabic pronunciation we use for this introduction) or Ramzan (the Urdu pronunciation) is a holy month of fasting, introspection, and prayer for Muslims, the followers of Islam. It is celebrated as the month during which Muhammad received the initial revelations of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims.

Fasting is the fourth of the five fundamental principles of Islam known as ‘Sawm’.  Everyday during Ramadan, It is mandatory for Muslims to not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. The time saved is used to look inward and become more thoughtful through meditating, praying, and reading the Quran. Besides, Fasting is not all about absence of hunger and thirst, during this time one tries to avoid impure thoughts, bad behaviour, and displaying negative emotions such as anger upon someone else. 

One way of self-reflection is to become aware of one’s achievements in life. It is encouraged to share such by giving to charity and people in need. Another way is to clean up emotional debris by both forgiving others and asking for forgiveness from others. 

Lastly, Ramadan is the time for connecting to one’s family and community and the best way to do so is to break one’s daily fasts by sharing meals with everyone, from their loved ones, neighbours, colleagues to people in need. 

And then, at the end of Ramadan, all of the personal achievements are celebrated with a three-day festival known as Eid al-Fitr, the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. Eid is characterised by special morning prayers, the greeting “Eid Mubarak,” (meaning “Blessed Eid”), the preparing of one’s best sweet dishes at home as well as giving gifts to children and to those in need. Throughout the day one is both hosts and invites the entire community, Muslims and non-Muslims, to one’s home, and guest, when being invited by other members of the community. Hence, one can easily eliminate all the weight loss experienced during Ramadan in just those three days!



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its purpose:

  • For example, intermittent fasting has many positive health effects. Investigate with tour health advisor which one suits you and tey one out
  • If you have a Non-Muslim friend or colleague ask him/her to join the fasting for a day or two (or longer, if desired). This shows solidarity and creates deeper bonds because it is not easy to fast, but every challenge becomes easier if done together.
  • Fasting requires discipline. If you have a lack of discipline or wish to develop this life & success-enhancing virtue, then commit to fasting or joining Ramadan/Ramzan once a year, even if you aren’t a Muslim. If you do, you will experience the relief and excitement when you finally can break your fast. The fun starts, when you start preparing and cooking your food before sunset, smelling it, but is not allowed to taste it
  • Take some time out with a pen and a piece of paper. Write down every thought and act you were not proud of. See or call the person that was on the receiving end and ask for forgiveness. Start with your partner, your parents, your kids and then your friends, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances. If you can’t reach the person, ask the God of your heart for forgiveness. This takes courage, but will create an emotional relief you may not have experienced before.
  • Next, make a list of things that have been done to you and that have hurt you. You can forgive the person that has caused you that grief, harm or pain to let go of any hate or grudges from your heart for good and continue on with your life.
  • Then, for the next 30 days or during Ramadan/Ramzan make the above a daily habit, so that you go to bed emotionally free every night. This newly formed habit will undoubtedly change your life and your relationships for the better.
  • Make another list of people that are doing it tough. Come up with ideas of how you yourself or with the help of others can relieve their need. If you don’t know anyone, can’t come up with ideas, or simply have no means to give, join a charity like Gen1 or AMCCU to make a difference. Give whatever you can do.
  • Invite family, friends, colleagues, and your neighbours to breakfast with you. Also, invite those that have difficulties feeding themselves or their families. Do good and deepen your relationships.
  • Be open to learn and experience a new culture or faith. Most cultures aren’t missionaries and won’t try to convert you unless you indicate you are interested. Muslims all love to share their culture with other Non-Muslims. Therefore, follow your curiosity and visit a mosque. You don’t need to be a Muslim to do so. Just remove your shoes and step in. If you do so after sunset during Ramadan/Ramzan, be ready to experience the spirit of the holy month, to be welcomed with open arms, a wide smile, and to be fed with simple, delicious food.

We want to celebrate Ramadan with you,

whether you are a Muslim or not,

and thanks to a Multicultural Online Events Grant

of the Department of Multicultural Affairs in Victoria,

this was made possible

Generation 1 Migrant Association Inc.

is Victorian. And we are proud of it.

We love Victoria’s Multicultural Values that states:

  1. One law for all
  2. Freedom to be yourself
  3. Discrimination is never acceptable
  4. A fair go for all; and
  5. It’s up to all of us to contribute to a Victoria we can be proud of

And we wish to lead with the latter statement in mind!

Visit: Victorian Multicultural Commission 


The start of Ramadan/Ramzan depends on the moonsighting.

Hence, it might start at different days around the world. For Victoria it is expected to start in the evening of 14th of April (fasting to start in the dawn of 15th of April) and to end with the sunset of 14th of May, which in turn marks the start of Eid al-Fitr.


We are inviting both Muslim and Non-Muslims to a week of digital events.

  1. If you are a Muslim and willing to share what you and your family are doing during the Holy Month, how you decorate for Eid and what traditional or unique food you prepare for the breaking of fast and Eid, then please click here so that we can invite everyone in Victoria to learn from you through our online live-streaming.
  2. And if you wish to learn more about Ramadan/Ramzan or just how to prepare some new amazing delicacies, then register here so that we can invite you to the live-streaming and in case, you can’t make it, send you the recordings of each session).


Monday, 3rd of May to Wednesday, 12th of May, at 3.00PM

Virtual House Visiting of individuals & families from different cultural background showing us their routine & cooking during the fasting month.


Saturday, 15th of May from 9:00am to 1:00pm (approx.)

(Special Eid Prayer)

Launch of the
Event through
The Hon. Ros Spence,
Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Live Interview with a Representative from the Islamic Council Victoria
on the Meaning of
Ramadan & Eid Mubarak
(This is your opportunity
to ask any questions)

A Special
Live Eid Open House
with Muslims
from different
Cultural Backgrounds
on how they celebrate Eid
with their family and friends

Multicultural Live

Event closes