Interracial Love is a 13 Episode Documentary program, produced by Aussie1.Productions and aired on C31.

Interracial Love is a series that showcase love stories as well as the ups and downs of mix marriages. Melbourne, Australia being a multicultural city makes it easy to meet people from all kinds of nationalities and cultural backgrounds – and sometimes, to fall in love.

In this program, we bring the audience to meet different mix marriage couples each week to share with us their love stories and some of their challenges and rewards being in a mix marriage relationship.

Ideally, love should have no boundaries. Nevertheless, we are dealing with reality which encounters a variety of issues arise in marriages between people from different backgrounds. This adds complexity and challenges for these kinds of relationships such as differences in culture, faith and language. Sometimes starting out might be difficult, if there are any objections or resistance from parents, relatives, friends or the community. And later they might also run into conflict when asserting their personal or family values, not only into the relationship, but especially when bringing up their children.

Produced, directed and written by Aussie1 Productions’ multitalented founder and creative director, Lin Ariffin

Interracial Love is 13 Episode Documentary program about culture, race, relationships and love.

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Aussie 1 Productions is passionate about sharing inspiring stories from diverse cultures such as Interracial Love that touches the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.

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Interracial Love is a program that projects the diversity of the multicultural community in Australia. A program about culture, race, relationships and love that will be aired on C31 community TV as well as their online channel with over 1 Million viewers.

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We are looking for mixed marriages (Couples incl. LGBT) from different backgrounds (Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Faith) to participate in our 13 episode program for C31

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