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Aussie 1 Productions is the producer of Interracial Love. It has used its resources to fund the first project pilot to bring this show to life. It’s quote has been 1/5 of that of its next best competitor, because they charge us their cost only and Lin Ariffin, Aussie 1’s multi-talented Creative Director, is volunteering her service. As such Gen1 is very grateful for Aussie 1’s inspiring commitment and determination in bringing this real-life migrant show to life.

It’s obvious that Aussie 1 has a big heart for the migrant community. Therefore, if you have a small to medium sized business (or a charity or community organisation) in need to create more awareness for what you have to offer and wish to establish your organisation as a trusted brand on a single or on multiple platforms (TV, Social & Traditional Media, Digital & Online), we recommend that your first port of call should be them. Arrange for a free consultation so that Aussie 1 can develop a tailor-made solution for you and your budget.


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