EUROvision vs AUSvision

One is about commerce - the other about community
One is a TV Gala - the other a Social-Media Live Show
One invites the viewers to watch passively - the other to participate actively
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Event Format

Each episode will showcase the traditional music of a specific culture.

We invite a music celebrity from that culture to be the co-host.

Musicians (individuals & groups) from that culture are invited to send in their music videos (mp4). Together with the culture’s co-host we’ll choose the top 3-5 submissions to be part of the show.

The show will be live-streamed on multiple social media platforms and accounts simultaneously.

During the live-stream, we will introduce the selected musicians, show their music videos and then invite them to explain their music, whilst the cultural co-host and our audience may comment on the quality of their performance.

At the end of the show, we invite everyone to vote for their favourite performer.

We’ll know the vote from the co-host before the show finishes, but the audience and our panel have a few more days to vote and hence, we’ll announce the winner at the start of the next episode.

Why Participate as a Musician?

Whether music is your hobby, passion or profession, you can use the AUSvision Song Contest to promote your music throughout the world.


The show is being aired live on multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and being promoted by multiple organisations (Gen1, AMCCUmedia & the Victorian State Government).


But it doesn’t stop there. We will award the best performer of each show to become part of an international Music Video created by AMCCUmedia to be released on Australia Day the following year.

How to Win

When creating your Video Clip
(File Format: mp4, Frame Rate: 25fps (PAL), Format: 16:9 Resolution: 1920x1080p, Stereo normalised at -10db).

  • Be an authentic symbol of your culture
  • Play traditional music and/or
  • Use traditional instruments and/or
  • Wear traditional clothing and/or
  • Dance traditional dances
  • Be outstanding, demonstrate the quality of your skills.
  • Be entertaining. Give us a show. Be you, be unique, be fun.

After your participation is confirmed.

Activate your Network.

  • Contact your personal and professional network and ask them to join the live show so they can support you with lots of positive comments.
  • Even more important: Ask any person you have ever met, including their cats, dogs & ponies to vote for you and ask their friends to do the same. Keep in mind that 50% of the votes come from the audience!

How to get started?

  1. Express your interest here.

 2. Once we receive your message, we’ll guide you through the process.

How you can create a Win-Win Situation for all of us

  • We need at least 3-5 individuals/groups of each culture to start a show. If you know others that play your traditional music, please encourage them to participate as well (or give us their details), so that we can start a specific show for your culture soon.

  • Also, please advise whether there is any traditional music celebrity of your culture that you could recommend or introduce to us, so he/she could become the guest host in the show remarking on everyone’s performance.


25% of the votes will be from the Co-Host (quality-based)

50% of the votes will be from the audience (action-based)

25% of the votes will be from AMCCU Panel (entertainment-based)

Voting Procedure Co-host

Unlike in The Voice, X-Factor or other reality shows, their votes count for only 25% of the total votes.

On the night, the celebrity guest/co-host will decide on their Top 3 Performers:

  • Their 3rd Place Candidate will receive 5% of the total points.
  • Their Runner-Up will receive 8% of the total points.
  • Their Favourite will receive 12% of the total points.

All other participants will receive no points.

Voting Procedure Audience

The audience votes will cover 50%.

  • We will put up the submitted video clip of each performer on the Facebook sites of –
  • Gen1 []
  • AMCCUmedia [
  • Family, friends and the general audience can act on each clip.
    • Each LIKE of a video counts as 1 point
    • Each COMMENT (positive or negative) of more than 40 or more characters on the video counts as 2 points
    • Each SHARE will count as 3 points
  • Any voter can give likes, comments and shares for multiple clips
  • One can also give multiple comments for one clip
  • Voting is strictly limited to the first 72 hours after the show.

Voting Procedure Gen1 Panel

Our panel votes on the entertainment factor of each participant. Their votes count for only 25%

After the public voting finishes (and they might be impacted by the first two votes) the panel decides on their Top 3 Performers:

  • Their 3rd Place Candidate will receive 5% of the total points
  • Their Runner-Up will receive 8% of the total points
  • Their Favourite will receive 12% of the total points

We then announce the winner at the start of the next show together with a video snippet of their performance, the interview, and the celebrity guest’s comments.