Generation 1 Migrant Association is a fully-registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create a place where you know you belong and where you feel at home

Our Mission is to promote the uniqueness and diversity of multi-cultural Australia

Our Purpose is –

  1. to support the social and economic integration of migrants and new community members
  2. to encourage, endorse and foster reconciliation, acceptance and co-operation between different races, ethnic and religious groups living in Australia

Our Core Values are Understanding, Acceptance, Respect, Co-operation & Education

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The Board

Frank Hermesdorf

Co-Founder, President, Treasurer & Public Officer

Frank is a social entrepreneur, who simply loves assisting migrants, social enterprises, charities or for-purpose organisations to succeed. Enabling discriminated & underprivileged people to have their fair chance and empowering the underdog to win against Goliath gives Frank a ball.

Whilst his career has made him an expert for opening new markets and organisational development, in the last 16 years he has used this knowledge to assist a variety of organisations –

• involved in environmental protection (Founder & Chair of the Global Biosphere Foundation, The Netherlands);
• creating a sustainable future (Co-Founder & Chair of The Global Foundation of Sustainable Communities Ltd, Australia, & Co-Founder and Board Director of the Coral Triangle Society, Philippines);
• making a difference to people experiencing mental health challenges (Chair & CEO of the Change Your Past Foundation Inc., Australia); and
• fostering reconciliation, acceptance and co-operation between different races, ethnic and religious groups living in Australia (Co-Founder & Chair of Australian Multi-Cultural Communities United Ltd & Board Member of Muslim Professional Association, Australia).

Frank has lived in Australia for 25 years and is in an interracial marriage.

Lin Ariffin


Lin has a life-long passion with writing and filming and has a track record as TV Producer as well as Festival & Event Organiser. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business & Marketing from QCU and knows how difficult it is, in spite of her academic & professional experience, to find a job or start a new business as migrant.

Lin enjoys working with diverse communities, uniting them and showcasing their cultural achievements. She does this best as a Writer & TV Producer, where her bold and thought-provoking messages aim to create awareness in the global community.

Her love for humanity manifests in her being on board of three additional charities, the Change Your Past Foundation Inc - a charity in the mental health space, the Australian Multi-Cultural Community United Ltd – a charity that embraces Australia’s multi-cultural society, and also the Muslim Professionals, which she supports as Media Manager. Lin moved to Melbourne in 2008 and is in an interracial marriage.

Musa Kanda

Co-Founder & Events Manager

Musa is a passionate Musician & Composer, who loves to travel and explore different cultures. Musa enjoys combining indigenous or traditional music from a variety of cultures with modern tunes. For example, he is currently a band member of Jawa Pitu, who draws influences from the music of Nusantara (Indonesia, Malaysia), African percussion and the Western styles of improvised jazz, groove and funk.

Likewise, Musa is also actively involved in a variety of organisations such as the Australian Pencak Silat Foundation (ASPF). Pencak Silat is a form of traditional martial arts that originated from South East Asia.

What brought Musa to Gen 1 is his pastime desire of supporting cultural diverse communities with events management, something he has done for the last 30 years.

Musa migrated to Australia more than 35 years ago and was in an interracial marriage.

Norasiah Hassan Simkin


“Mother Nora” or “Auntie Nora” has been the embodiment and personification of Migrant Assistance far beyond what seems to be possible or even imaginable. Her big heart has opened her doors to anyone in need and she has been the mother of many stranded children. Her support to migrants and asylum seekers has led to 42 years of experience of being involved with, founding and leading a variety of social-welfare organisations such as -

The Salvation Army, Cross Road, BEAT (Bridging Education And Training), The Muslim Women Council of Victoria, The Muslimah Islamic Group, and the Migrant Hub & MiHub Café, North Richmond Community Health Centre.

Norisiah's achievements are too numerous to list here but she was selected for the First Women's Honour role by the Victorian Goverment; received the Centenary Medal from Queen Elizabeth II and is recognised by FACSIA for her services to Muslim women.

Nora has spent more than half of her life in Melbourne and she is in an interracial marriage.

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