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Generation 1 Migrant Association Inc. (“Gen1”) is a registered charity with the mission to integrate migrants socially and economically into the Australian community and to foster acceptance and co-operation between culturally diverse groups. Inspired? Then learn more about us and let us know whether you wish to support our objectives.


Australian Multi-Cultural Communities United Ltd (“AMCCU”) is a registered charity that supports other Not-For-Profit organizations by managing their Web & Social Media Accounts (as seen here with Gen1) whilst promoting them on AMCCU’s TV & Digital Media Platforms. It also assists with Fundraising (Crowd Funding, Grant Applications, etc.) and in turn offers Sponsors an unmatched opportunity to brand themselves and find new, loyal customers at a low cost.

Interracial Love is a TV series that showcases love stories as well as the ups and downs of mixed marriages.

Melbourne, Australia, is a multicultural city where you can meet many people from all kinds of nationalities and cultural backgrounds – and possibly find your potential partner. In this program, we allow the audience to meet couples from different cultural backgrounds to share with us their love stories and some of their challenges and rewards of being in a mixed relationship.

Ideally, love should have no boundaries. In real life, relationships between people from different backgrounds may need to deal with additional issues other relationships don’t encounter. Differences in culture, faith, and language, for example, are adding complexity and challenges. Being an interracial couple can be a burden if there are any objections or resistance from parents, relatives, or friends. And later on, they might also run into conflict when asserting their personal or family values, not only into the relationship but especially when bringing up their children.

About Interracial Love

AUSvision Song Contest

“Do you enjoy your own traditional music? Does it bring back a smile and some magical memories of your past? Can’t you stop yourself humming, singing or moving in rhythm with it?

How about other cultures? Do you enjoy listening to different melodies, watching colourful costumes and being fascinated by tunes created by instruments never seen?

If so, the AUSvision Song Contest is for you.

Forget the EUROvision Song Contest and its expensive gala, instead watch this unique Social Media Live Show with performances from traditional musicians, both amateurs and professionals…

Become a participating musicianNext ShowHow to vote

Interracial Love is a TV Documentary about culture, race, challenging relationships, and incredible love.

Produced, directed, and written by Aussie1 Productions‘ multitalented founder and creative director, Lin Ariffin

Gen1 is an AMCCU NFP Partner. AMCCU manages Gen1’s website & social media accounts and raises funds for its projects such as “Interracial Love”

“The AUSvision Song Contest is an extraordinary opportunity for producers of traditional music to get their music exposed to the world through a unique Social Media Live Show. In addition, winners of this friendly competition are being rewarded with becoming part of an international Music Video created by AMCCUmedia”

This event was made possible through a Multicultural Online Events Grant of the Department of Multicultural Affairs in Victoria

Multicultural Couples:
Become a TV Star – Share Your Unique Love Story to the World

Are you in a mixed relationship (incl. LGBT) with someone from a different background (Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Faith) and have an exceptional or challenging love story to share? If so, we might dedicate an entire TV Episode to you.

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Present Your Business to Tens of Thousands of Prospective Customers & Grow Fast

Wish to expose your business to a large TV audience and turbo-charge your branding? Love to participate in an additional digital & social media campaign? Wouldn’t mind to receive some conventional Media PR on top?

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Not-For-Profits: Tell the World What You Do so You Get More Volunteers & Funding

Wish to share with everyone what your organisation stands for? Like to raise awareness about your unique projects and the difference you make to people in need (Like Gen1’s ‘Interracial Love’)? Looking to find more funding at no cost to you? If so, AMCCU would love to assist you.

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Dare to Make a Difference – Join Us

Do you have any project idea that would assist creating awareness about some important migrant issues or support the social & economic integration of migrants? Or would you love to contribute your unique skills, experience and/or connections to our cause?

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